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Alcohol based gel hand sanitizer

Alcohol Hand Disinfection


HP derm 7 Gel 

Antiseptic alcohol based gel for hand disinfection with bactericidal, viricidal and fungicidal activity
External use only


HPderm 7 Gel is an alcohol-containing gel for hygienic treatment and surgical disinfection of hands.

Formulated without perfume, colorant and parabens.

Allows a reduction on hands contamination and is used without water.

Bactericidal properties (EN 1040), fungicidal properties on Candida Albicans ( EN 1275), virucidal properties ( NFT 72180). All microbiologocal properties are available on Technical Data Sheet

Food processing environment
Medical environment

Bottle of 100 ml

Bottle of 500ml with pump

Bottle of 1 liter

Disposable pouch of 1 Litre SORIBAG

Drum of 5 liters